Twin Disappointments and Misunderstandings

By Adult Twin Issues

Estrangement is built on disappointments and misunderstandings. Estrangement is complicated, and as deep-seated as the primary attachment that twins share at birth and throughout their childhoods. It is not that twins really hate their twin per se. More likely, twins

Defining Estrangement

By Adult Twin Issues

Estrangement is a subjective emotional experience that makes twins afraid to be together. Estrangement also causes deep shame because twins are supposed to get along. These dark feelings seem to be deep seated and often have a traumatic element to

A Twin’s Sense of Self

By Advice for Therapists

The deep interconnection of psychological identity between twins is real. Unlike single-born infants and toddlers, shared identity is inevitable and normal. Some aspect of a twin’s sense of self is actually shared. A twin has an identity as a twin

Common Issues of Adult Twins

By Adult Twin Issues

There are common developmental milestones that twins experience as adults no matter what type of attachment they share: Separation, both emotional and physical, is more difficult than adult twins have imagined. Overcoming these painful and confusion emotional experiences takes time,

Advice for Therapists of Twins

By Advice for Therapists

Working with twins can be difficult and confusing if the therapist does not understand the profound nature of twin primary attachment. Actually, it can be shocking for a nontwin therapist to try and take seriously the commotion that is created

How Can I Get Along with My Twin?

By Adult Twin Issues

Twin relationships can be deeply conflicted and also seriously misunderstood by twins, their relatives, close friends and co-workers. Yes, twins often do not understand why they get so angry with each other. Twins do know that anger and fighting is

Twin Estrangement

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Popular culture most often portrays twins as having deep and loving relationships with one another. Secondarily, twinship is used to illustrate good and evil or opposite images. Only recently have novels and memoirs been written that explain the pain and

Teenage Twin Issues

All teenagers have difficulty separating from their families and finding and establishing a separate identity or sense of uniqueness, making adolescence a time that is very turbulent for all teens and their parents. But for twins and their families, the